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massagem tailandesa lisboa


massagem tailandesa lisboa

Our services

The foundations of our massages derive from traditional Thai techniques that enable us to work all of your body and its constituent parts. To this end, we provide a series of different massages with their respectively diverse objectives. And, should you have any doubts, please do get in touch.

Holistic Oriental Massages

Holistic massages work through rebalancing your energies in conjunction with your physical equilibrium. Hence, this uses and works different parts of your body in accordance with the intended objectives, for example, foot reflexology involves working the pressure points in your feet. There are also other strategies available to bring about the sought after rebalancing, such as the essential oils applied in the case of Thai Aromatherapy massages.


Thai Head & Back - 30min - 30€

Foot Reflexology - 30min/60min - 30€ / 50€

Foot Reflexology + Ritual Foot Spa - 30mn/60mn - 40€ / 60€

Thai Aromatherapy - 60mn/90mn - 55€ / 75€

Nuad Boran (Thai Tradition) - 60min/90min - 65€ / 85€

Thai Relaxation - 60mn/90mn - 50€ / 70€

Deep Tissue (Sports Massage) - 60mn/90mn - 50€ / 70€

massagem tailandesa lisboa
massagens holisticas
massagem tailandesa lisboa

Signature Massages

Our experience of over 12 years enables us to create the diverse massages that combine the best of traditional Thai massages with more western approaches. Thus, we designed the Sukke Massage, Sukke Thai Herbal that applies herbs rolled up in a cloth to obtain a diverse set of results with Sukke Hot Stone capitalising on the benefits of applying hot stones to strategic points of your body.


Sukkee Massage – 60min – 50€

Sukkee Thai Herbal – 60min – 60€

Sukkee Hot Stone – 60min – 60€

signature massagens

Signature Treatments

For our new site, we have created treatments able to combine the relaxation of Thai massages with aesthetic treatments as is the case with Sukke Secret and Secret of Siam. Furthermore, there are new treatments that seek to deliver a new level of relaxation to your body and your soul, such as Oriental Spa and Sukke Healing.


Sukkee Secret (Body Exfoliation + Thai Relaxation) - 120min - 90€

Secret of Siam (Deep Face Cleansing + Thai Relaxation) - 120min - 90 €

Oriental Spa (Massage + Jacuzzi) - 120min - 120€

Sukkee Healing (Massage + Sukkee Thai Herbal) - 120min - 100€

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Aesthetic Treatments for your Face & Body

Providing a series of different aesthetic treatments to improve the health of your skin, face and body. Body exfoliation and facial cleansing bring about the removal of dead cells and grease that end up accumulating over time to restore greater radiance. In turn, the Anti-Cellulite massage will align your body, leaving it more rounded and help in ridding cellulite.


Body Exfoliation – 50min – 50€

Deep Face Cleansing – 50min – 50€

Anti-Cellulite Massage – 50min – 50€

tratamentos esteticos

Wax Skin Depilation

Depilation with wax provides a smoother touch to the contrary of blades and, in the new Sukke Thai Spa, we make a point of including this as the service most sought after by both men and women.



Eyebrows / Chin / Upper Lip - 8€

Complete Face - 20€


Simple Armpits / Bikini Wax / Stomach / Normal Bikini Wax - 12€

Half Leg - 15€

Back - 20€

Complete Bikini Wax - 20€

Complete Arm - 22€

Complete Leg - 28€

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Treatments and Other Services

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